Number of lines: 123?
Slide to select the total number of lines you require. Your allocation of free handsets will be dependant upon the number of lines selected.
2 10
Handsets: 123?
Slide to select the total number of handsets you require. The initial number of handsets shown will be the amont of free handsets based upon the lines you selected, additional handsets are charged at £10 per month per handset.
3 16
Inclusive minutes: 123?
Slide to select the amount of inclusive UK minutes you require
0 10000
Mobile phone extensions: 123?
Slide to select the number of mobile phone extensions you require. Mobile phone extensions are charged at £1.50 per extension per month.
0 10
Inbound numbers: 123?
Slide to select the number of direct dial in numbers you require. Direct dial in numbers can be from any UK dialling code area or non geographic 0330 numbers. Direct Dial In numbers are charged at £1.50 per number per month.
0 10
Standard maintenance   Enhanced maintenance?
Standard maintenance provides telephone support during weekday business hours. Enhanced maintenance provides 24 /7 telephone and on site support as well as equipment replacement.

System Services
Full feature lines extension WiFi PBX 1 Free
Inclusive Wifi desktop featurephones 7 Free
Additional Wifi desktop featurephones 0 £9.50
Inclusive UK minutes 2000 £10.00
Mobile phone extensions 0 £0
System Services 0 £0
WiFi PBX installation Free
Maintenance Free
Full feature WiFi PBX monthly cost £0
Network Services
Monthly line rental 4 £100
VoIP enabled broadband 1 £28
Network services total monthly cost £0